APRIL 2014


Trading activity is going on confidently, investors have starting making money.

The official collector rates of plots in phase 8 is very low as compared to phase 5 and 6, this also adds up to high trading activity in phase 8. ( There is huge gap between market value and official collector rate of plots in DHA as is all properties in PAKISTAN)

The construction of MAJOR road NETWORK is finished in phase 8.  ZONE B is ready for construction Development Work in Beach streets plots ZONE C , sahil is completed. Development in  Zone D remaining part  and business Zone plots next to creek marina project has also been started.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves is over 10 billion USD, inflow of foreign remittances is nearly touching one billion per month, Karachi stock market 100 index is between 29,500-29,000 point mark.

The prices of property in DHA Karachi currently is getting appreciated especially in phase 8. There is still potential in plot prices, due to development work going on at high speed and the permission for construction in the year 2014 in certain areas of phase 8 is already announced.

What ever kind of government in Islamabad . It has to rehabilitate Pakistan , for its survival for that purpose strong marketing is to be initiated, free of corruption and stress on self sufficiency. The positive change is being expected in administration of after the level of devastation caused by recent corruption, the people of Pakistan are trying to face this challenge themselves.

The GENUINE investors now have the full confidence in DHA Karachi Pakistan property market. The growth rate in the neighboring countries like China and India is above 7%, Pakistan is trying to make improvement in that area against all odds.

( rates of plots in dha karachi   varies with streets & location)

Take a sample of market prices of plots in different , the market prices of 500 sq yd residential plot in D cutting, phase 8 reached around 2.70 crors(first belt) , Sahil 300 yd plot is at rupees 170-155 lacs, sahil 500 yd around 1.90 CRORE.  Defence streets phase 8, 185 lacs. 2000 yds category residential plots in 3rd belt of phase 8, below 30th street are around 8.0 crores and prices above 20 street is upto to 10 crores.

The sale of bungalows have also shown  rise, all the quality houses are sold out, few are left now, builders have started to buy new residential plots for new construction. The 500 sq yd brand new house is now priced around 5.50 cror, 1000 sq yds is priced around 12 .cror plus and 2000 sq yd is price around 22 crors plus for top quality and top location houses. Although there are lower priced houses according to their location and quality.

DHA CREEK VISTA in phase 8 of DHA, KARACHI, PAKISTAN,  The price of four bedroom apartment is around 4.25 crors now , 3 bed 3.85 cror.

The market prices in the commercial areas of phase 8, Almurtaza commercial / Zulfiqar commercial 100 sq yds Rupees 1.90 crors , plot on Main kh e shaheen 100 sq yds is around 6.0 cror cror and PENINSULA  Commercial Area 100 SQ YDS is at 1.55 lacs, tipu at 1.50, iqbal at 1.50 , sahil  commercial 100 sq yds average plot is now at 1.85 crors  approximately.

Muslim commercial average plot is around 2.25 cror and plot on Main kh e ittehad is around 5.80 plus cror. Plot size corner  100 sq yds on 80 feet wide street is around 5.50 plus cror depending on location.